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I come from the dark side; I come from the other side.

I had a hard life, like most of us do, and through the pain I understand the pain of the world.

All my sculptures come from another dimension to remind you that the pain is the root of life because, nowadays, we have completely forgotten the purpose of humanity.

I start from the pain and go somewhere else. It is through the pain that we can conquer peace although we have to gain consciousness first and today, humankind has


lost that spirituality.

All my creatures come from a dimension of light, peace and love although they sometimes show mutilated or sad faces as they ‘know’ human pain and are meant to


help you think about the actual human condition.

Why am I expressing this? Simply because I saw it, I’ve experienced it, although not always directly, I had and have a deep spiritual contact with it.  


 I am now working, by ‘life’ coincidence, with bronze and I feel lucky to have on my side the warmth and power of this ancient material to tell stories.

My ultimate desire is not to be famous but to be recognized.

All my artwork is dedicated to my best friend Emanuele Alonzo, who prematurely died at the age of 24 on the 24/09/2014

Special thanks to Jos and Johan Stijlaart and all the team of Flassh Bronsgieterij, Balk, NL.

Diego Seconetti

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